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Roleplay Rules

Post by Kevin on Thu Jan 21, 2016 7:25 pm

Roleplay Rules

CK (Character Kill) Rules
You can not transfer anything from your old (CK'd) account to your new account, other than the level.
Forcing a CK (Character Kill) on another player is also not allowed unless both players agree and an admin approves it.
- See powergaming rule.
You can now kill your family members (roleplayed), he will lose the memory about the family (it only appeals when the family is official & if you want the gang kill to appeal on unofficial, make an agreement before hiring). If an Agent who is doing a casefile against a family gets caught & gang killed, he will lose all memory of the gang and investigation but if the casefile is already posted in the database, that doesn't stop other age
- See powergaming & metagaming rule.Killing after robbing Rules
If you rob someone and that person doesn't give you a reason to kill him (for example attempt to assault you), you are not allowed to kill the person for the sole reason of robbing him.

- See Deathmatching rule.
Breaking players out of prison
There needs to be at least 4 National Guards online in order to to break someone out of prison.
- Unrealistic/Non RP behaviour.
- See powergaming rule.
Vehicle surfing is not allowed, unless the vehicle supports it.
- Unrealistic/Non RP behaviour.Cop baiting
Provoking police officers and other law enforcement repeatedly to get them to arrest or chase you. 
This includes misuse of /call 911.
- Unrealistic/Non RP behaviour.Using binds in an RP situation
Using binds in an RP situation to gain an advantage over another player is not permitted.
Example: Using a bind which types "/me aims their gun at your head" would give you a time advantage, it also creates static roleplay.
- See powergaming rule.Unrealistic / Non-RP gear
Attaching gear that isn't realistic is not permitted, you may RP wearing costumes.
- Unrealistic/Non RP behaviour.Illegal advertisement is not permitted.
Buying/selling illegal items over /ad should be done using code words.
Law enforcement have the right to investigate if it arouses suspicion.
- Unrealistic/Non RP behaviour.Non-RP Driving / Parking
You must drive realisticly at all times while roleplaying, this includes parking.
Example: Speeding on straight roads is normal and cops should take care of it, aswell as going on the wrong lane, but if a player is ramming into poles, buildings, other players/cars without any roleplay effect on him, he should be punished accordingly.
- Unrealistic/Non RP behaviour.
(/fix)ing is not allowed when getting chased or chasing another vehicle, it's unrealistic.
- Unrealistic/Non RP behaviour.
- Powergaming.Healing during a roleplay situation & gunfight
You should not heal yourself during a gun fight, please leave the roleplay situation first. You cannot heal and then later re-enter the same fightViolation(s):
- Unrealistic/Non RP behaviour.

Updated Faction Rules

1- Don't invite or accept a player without an application. This applies to reinstatements as well. You can however edit the application if the faction is in dire need of members. A shorter application can only be approved by the faction leaders rank 5-6, or rank 7-8 depending on how many ranks are avalible.

2- Don't promote or invite a player straight by skipping the recruitment procedure. You are required as a leader and recruiter of a faction to properly go through a test.

3- Don't invite a player who has just /quitfaction'd. He can apply after 3 days of period to be accepted, means a player have to wait 5 days before applying for "another/same" faction.

4- Abuse of leadership as invite, uninvite or ouninvite is strictly prohibited. Inform the players before uninviting them.

5- Accepting rule breakers or players those just came back and wants to be re-instated back into a faction is prohibited.

6- From now on there won't be any re-instatement letters(rank doesn't matter at all). Player has to apply as a normal player using application format but may start as a Rank 1 for example: If someone applying for the LSPD, who recently was a rank 1 or above, then he will start as an Officer unless as a Cadet, if he left as a Cadet, or by discretion of recruiting personnel; but no higher than last attained rank.

7- If you're faction banned and are on the faction ban list then contact a Faction Mod/Director or Faction Leader to get unban before you apply.

8- Don't forget to read & follow the "Server Rules and regulations"

9- Selling factions will result in heavy punishment to all players involved.

10- Players with more than 15 crimes commited | 5 times arrested can no longer be placed on pending on a law enforcement application without having atleast 5 + recommendations from atleast a rank two Law Enforcement Officer.

11- You can't have two accounts with leader flag. This includes leadership of a family / gang. Only one account may be leading a faction / family. (leading = having leaderflag).

12-Faction hopping is not allowed under any circumstance. If a player wishes to transfer In-characterly, that players is required to wait five days Out-of characterly before accepting to joing that said faction. Breaking this rule will result in an imprisonment for FH(Faction Hopping) and could result in a Faction Ban. This rule is however excused by LSPD to FBI transfers, because it has always been their way of recruiting into the FBI.

13-As a LEO you are not allowed to arrest suspect for no reason and then say ''I am corrupt, I can do that''. You should always have a reason to arrest someone. 
Punishment: Punished accordingly to ''Non-RP behavior''.

14-Faction Harrasment
As a Law enforcement undercover detective, or an undercover agent you are not allowed to constantly put out casefiles on the same factions or families over and over again. Punishment for not obeying this rule will result in imprisonement for Faction Harrasment.

15-Seizing Druglabs
If the FBI, with or without the help of other law enforcement factions, seiezes one of the Solntsevskaya Bratva's druglabs/movable druglabs. They will loose the production of crack for 3 weeks, if proper evidence has been provided to the Faction Director or Solntsevskaya Bratva Faction Moderator.

16-High Ranking corruption.
As of now, leaders of all admin funded or goverment funded factions rank 4 and over, in a 7 base ranking system. And rank 5 in a 9 base ranking system will not be allowed to be corrupt without a faction Moderators approval. This is because its highly unrealistic for a high ranking officer, agent or a person part of a faction to just momentarely go corrupt because of the hate for another person out of characterly. Or because of the lols, or because you are planning to leave. 

I feel that this happens to often and a restriction to have permission is the only way to fix this.
Consequences for not obeying: Punished accordingly as "Non-RP Behavior".

17-LEOs are not allowed to give a player "auto Most Wanted"(Only 1 warrant per crime commited).
If the suspect is guilty of a crime that could lead to imprisonment, just give them their respective warrants then send them to Demorgan RP'ly and let the SANG do ((/ndeliver))
Consequences for not obeying: Punished accordingly as "Non-RP Behavior".

18-LEOs are not allowed to taze a player that is holding a weapon, unless the player is standing still and LEO tazes the person when hes unaware.
If the player is holding a weapon, then LEOs must use the appropriate weapon according to the force matrix. During Hostage situations Law Enforcment main priority should always be to save them.
Consequences for not obeying: Punished accordingly as "Rushtazing" and "Non-rp" behaviour.

19-LEOs are not to assume someone that is in disguise on their faction as an imposter right away. 
LEOs can only do an investigation, ONLY when the imposter is suspicious.
Consequences for not obeying: Imprison for "Metagaming".

20-LEOs MUST Roleplay detaining other players.
This is to give chances for criminals to Roleplay too. 
Consequences for not obeying: Imprisonment for Powergaming.

21-SAFMD should only use their firearm for defence, and NOT to help enforce the law. If they see someone in trouble, their first option is to always call for an law enforcment faction. SAFMD are also not allowed to use their fire extinguisher as a mace. It's there to put our fires, nothing more.
Consequences for not obeying: Imprison for Non-RP Behavior.

22-Medics should be focusing on their job are only to focus on healing when it is required NOT to help the LEOs. Medics rarely showed up in most roleplay situations. They goal is always to save lives, not to help the LSPD kill the fleeing suspect.
Consequences for not obeying: Imprisonment for Non-RP Behavior.

23-Detaining suspects on bikes is not allowed.
It's unrealistic for people to be detained on a bike because the suspect could easily escape or hurt himself while being transported, They should always be transported in transportation vehicles or the cruiser.
Conseuqences for not obeying: Imprisonment for Non-RP Behaviour.

24-In a bank robbery or any similar hostage situation the main aim is to get the hostage safely home. After that the law enforcement should focus on arresting or eliminating the suspects. Never fire your weapon towards a suspect holding the hostage close at hands without a high commanding officer's approval. However if the best way to ensure the hostage survives is to kill the criminal of course the law enforcement's high command can make that decision.
Consequences for not obeying: Imprisonment for Non-RP Behaviour.

25-Tazing a person currently in or under water is not allowed. It is Non-RP to do so, so you'll just need to use /me and /do to Roleplay grabbing them.
Consequences for not obeying: Imprisonment for Non-RP Behavior.

26-Anyone who is not a faction leader or part of a faction anymore is asked to leave the usergroup at once, anyone who refuses to do so will be punished. This can result in a faction ban!

27-Players are only allowed to own LEO faction vehicles if they are currently in a LEO faction. If a player owns a faction vehicle and decides to leave or gets removed from that faction they need to contact an admin to replace it with another vehicle. If a player is caught not exchanging their faction vehicle they will have the vehicle removed and not recieve any replacement. However if you sell the vehicle you will be fined the amount of money, have the vehicle removed and be sent to prison for 60 minutes.

If this happens repeatedly you may be restricted to never be able to own a faction vehicle.Cheetahs are not included, as they have been handed out quite frequently to players.

28- Proper hiring Roleplay
Factions who decide to hire players through teamspeak are now required to properly roleplay everything ingame before doing so. This ensures factions to roleplay properly and makes rule two easier to uphold.

29-Evidence Powergaming
Players in law enforcement factions or citizens in general who plan on gathering evidence with the use of a recording devices need to do the roleplay beforehand, and cannot use old roleplay and claim they have roleplayed it. If a player is killed or two days has past since you last properly did the roleplay you are required to do it again.
Players who fail to do the roleplay beforehand and uses days of previous roleplay in a situation or in casefiles can be imprisoned for powergaming.

30- Members Metagaming
Using /members is now considered out of character, you may no longer use /members to confirm someones fake identity after recieving a request to check if an agent or law enforcment officer is fake one.

Using /members to confirm that person is not in the department or agency is not allowed. If you don't report your namechanges in some section on the forum you wont really have the knowledge to say or not.
This is considered metagaming even if the player is in the FBI and you confirm it with /members, /r or /or.

31- SANG Corruption.
SANG members are no longer allowed to be corrupt in regards to letting prisoners free, or reducing their time in prison/jail.

32- Breaking cuffs: 
(a) Do not shoot the cuffs or RP shooting the cuffs off another player or yourself to break the cuffs. That is considered Non RP Behavior and/or PG.
(b) If you are the one cuffed, you can not RP picking the cuffs that are on you. That is considered PG.
(c) The proper way to have cuffs removed is to have another player RP picking the cuffs and/or another player RPly obtains a cuff key from an LEO. [The RP of obtaining the key from the LEO must be current RP.]

Added information/rules.

* Only Hitmen have access to legit(fake) badges.

** Players are not allowed to just have a suspicion out of nowhere that a law enforcment officer or agent is a fake one, and certainly not after clearly seeing a legit(fake) badge.

NOTE: Disobeying the above rules can make you lose your leadership or can get you faction banned. These rules will be updated time to time.

These rules has been contributed by the admin team/players, Faction Director may change the faction RP rules when needed. If any of players has encountered some roleplaying problems, feel free to PM me what are your problems. Do check this thread regularly as it may change from time to time.
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