IMPORTANT ll Ban Appeals

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IMPORTANT ll Ban Appeals

Post by Lazar on Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:56 pm

Follow the rules of the ban appeals or your ban appeal will be ignored or archive.

|Make sure that your ban appeal is in the correct format.|

  • The name of the banned  account.(Make sure that there aren't any spelling mistakes.)

  • Banned from. (Write where are you banned from, game, forums or from teamspeak.)

  • IP Address. (Write your IP address so we can unban you quicker.)

  • Date of the ban.(Make sure you got the date when you got banned right.)

  • Reason for your ban.(Lying to the Admin Team will result in a even bigger punishment.)

  • Provide a reason why should you be unbanned.(Tell the admin team why should you be unbanned.)

  • Who banned you. (If you don't know, just write 'Unknown'.)

  • What is the level of the banned account. (State the level of the banned account, if you're banned from the game.)

Make sure that you're using the correct format when making a ban appeal.
In-Game name: Firstname_Lastname
Banned from: Game/Forums
IP Address:
Date of ban: DD/MM/YYYY
Reason for ban:
Why should you get unbanned:
Who banned you:
Account level:

|Make sure that you have only one ban appeal.|
-If you have more than one active ban appeal, the admin team/ban appealer will archive 
one and proceed with the other one. (This applies only if you have two active ban appeals about the same situation.)
If you can't find your ban appeal, be sure to check all the sections.(UnbannedTemporarily BannedPermanently BannedPending Unban
Pending Ban AppealerArchive. If you can't find it, contact an admin and he'll handle it.)

|PM the admin if it's pending him.|
If your ban appeal is pending an admin, feel free to VM/PM him.
Do not spam the admin if he doesn't answer your ban appeal right away.(You can VM/PM him every two days.)

|Re-post of your ban appeal.|
If you're  Temporarily Banned, wait until the ban is over and re-post your ban appeal with the link of the old ban appeal.
You will not get unbanned until you re-post your ban appeal.

When you make a ban appeal, make sure to tell the complete truth. Lying to the admin team will result to a even bigger punishment. (Auto P-Banned.)
A)If you get 'Permanently Banned', everything you owned In-game will be taken away from you.
Donated items include aswell.
B) If you do get Permanently Banned, your whole stats will be reset. Admins have the right to do that.

Your Admin Team.
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