||Read before posting a Game Related Request||

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||Read before posting a Game Related Request||

Post by Lazar on Thu Jan 21, 2016 6:21 am


  • We do not refund cars from pre R116, do not post requests regarding it.

  • If you can't remember the password of your accoung, just make a Game Related Request. 

  • Your account will only be refunded if you have valid proof of you actually owning that account. (A SS of your stats or something like that.)

  • If an admin doesn't reply to your request in one day, feel free to contact an admin In-Game or send him a VM/PM.

  • If you make a game replated request how you have died and lost your items, make sure to take a SS of you being transfered to the hospital.

  • When posting a game related request, make sure that you have the date right, either post the correct date or if you don't remember tell us a approximate one.

  • If your game related request is processded, make sure that you contact an admin In-Game in the next seven (7) days. Otherwise you'll have to re-post the request.

  • Do not bump your request, it could result in getting it closed.

  • Do not double post your request, if you do, the admin team will closed/arhive both of them and you'll have to re-post it.

  • Lying about stuff on your request will result in a instant ban (Temp Ban or Per Ban, depands on the admin team.), you will also get forum banned.

  • You have the right post post on a game related request only if you are involved in it. If you post and you're not involved, you will recive a infaction.

Make sure that you're using the right format when making a Game Related Request.

Your In-Game name: Firstname_Lastname
Date of incident: DD/MM/YYYY
What is your request:
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