Classified Gaming Roleplay || Grand Opening

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Classified Gaming Roleplay || Grand Opening

Post by Kevin on Mon Jan 18, 2016 11:49 pm

Classified Gaming Roleplay

The Grand Opening

Hello people. Today, on the 18th of January, 2016 we reopened the community called Classified Gaming Roleplay a.k.a. CG:RP. We have a quite perfect staff team and our playerbase is raising. We have an active staff who will help you a lot if you'd need help anytime. We have decided to be refunding, a.k.a. giving away starting packages. Starting package includes:
-Level 5
-A dynamic custom house, by player's choice
-A dynamic custom vehicle, by player's choice
-Gold VIP package with a lot of features for one month
-Custom phone number
-Ingame cash, by admin's choice.

We are a newbie friendly community. We use a light-medium level of the roleplay in our server. We have plans to open a donor shop and we plan to buy a domain/VPS for the forums and teamspeak (which are currently not paid).

We are also looking for;
-Scripters/Developers (Gamemode)
-Mappers (Gamemode/Donor)
-Beta Testers
-Community Helpers.
If you prove that you worth a shot and you know the rules, you'll be given a role. However, we may HANDPICK you for the administration team.

And at the end, we also want to keep the roleplay alive. So that's why we have chosen to be giving out family & factions leaderships for now to players who prove it and they have met the requirements (admin discretion).

What are we waiting for? Let's have fun!

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